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Lighting Design

One element that can universally transform the look and feel of every event.

Lighting Design 1

From decorative to functional Staging Resources can assist with the proper lighting design to enhance your event to its highest potential.

  • Illuminate the stage – Even a basic stage wash will help to produce the best photographs and video recordings, but most importantly it keeps your guest speakers and talent fully visible and illuminated while speaking or presenting.
  • Change the entire look – Transform a venue or event space with uplighting, the most cost-effective way to envelop a space in ambient light.
  • Influence the guest experience – Custom lighting creations such as gobos, textured patterns, logo placement, and other advanced intelligent lighting options can truly personalize and compliment the unique nature of any event.


Creating Atmosphere

Lighting Design 2

A memorable first impression is why lighting is so vital to any event.

  • Transform a space creating the look or feel you desire using varying colors and intensities of light to give an astonishing visual impact.
  • Utilize every inch of space by illuminating unused dead areas in the room. This in effect will make the space feel larger than it is.
  • Enhance key moments on-stage by creating an exciting lighting design that coincides with key moments such as award ceremonies, special guest  speakers, and major announcements.

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